The Story so far…

At EKKA, we’ve created what we wanted to experience.

We envisioned a better holistic wellness product – one that went deeper, built community and created sustainable change.

EKKA is the world’s first recovery subscription box. Ekka was founded in 2016 by Yvette Jacquez and Nuria Reed.

It’s impossible to journey through this life without experiencing damage. And because of that, we seek to escape and numb – with work, food, alcohol/drugs, relationships, the internet and more.

In doing so, we move away from Spirit and become lost in a repeating cycle of destructive behavior.




Today, we work with experts in the broad fields of recovery and wellness. Our team has journeyed through love addictions, eating disorders, bereavement, alcoholism, co-dependency, drug-abuse, gambling addiction and much more.

At EKKA, we want to make the most of this life and keep our faces turned to the sun.

Just like you, reading this, wherever you are.



Meet the EKKA Team


At Ekka, we work with health practitioners, recovery professionals, creatives and artist makers to bring you a different recovery box every month. We each bring to the table a lifetime of longing, loss, and love.  We will continue to embrace recovery, exploring new rituals, and testing ways to find peace and balance in this strange and beautiful world we live in.

Nuria Reed – Chief Wellness Officer & Co-Founder 

Nuria is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner with over a decade in meditation and yoga experience, PTSD and the mind/body connection. She is a teacher and mentor to people in recovery and the wider community. She is in recovery from anorexia and drug abuse. At EKKA, Nuria leads out on the wellness aspect of each box, designing each monthly ritual so that it nourishes your brain and body chemistry.

Yvette Jacquez – CEO &  Co-Founder

Yvette is a passionate fitness expert with a keen respect for the role that consistent ritual and self-care play in her well-being. Recovering from anxiety disorder,  Yvette has spent over ten years focusing on wellness with the attitude that exercise, in order to be effective, needs to be fun. At EKKA, Yvette is responsible for management and distribution of each monthly box. 


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