June “Beat Anxiety” Box

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June 2017 Ekka Recovery Box - beat anxiety, mental health, holistic recovery wellness | www.ekkarecovery.com

Beat Anxiety Holistically

Mantra Band

Let this beautiful bracelet be a daily reminder that you can and you will.Made from the highest quality jewelry grade aluminium and hand stamped with a custom affirmation just for you. Wear on your wrist or leave in a special place. The aluminum won’t tarnish or wear off on clothing so you can wear it to the beach, gym and even in the shower.


Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Roller

Made with 100% Pure Essential Oils of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Orange, Palmarosa, Ylang-Ylang, this blend has been used to help relieve feelings of anxiety. Roll on wrists, back of neck and souls of feet (a natural absorption point) and breathe deep. Essential oils go directly to the brain’s emotional center via the olfactory system and assist in calming down fear and anxiety.


Now Calm Formula

True Calm is an effective combination supplement that incorporates the latest amino acid and neurotransmitter research. True Calm includes cerebral nutrients like GABA, an amino acid that supports the down regulation of overstimulated nerve cells. It is synergistically blended with vitamins, herbs and other amino acids to support relaxation and a balanced mood. This supplement potentially reduces anxiety and effectively calms your body and mind.


Tulsi Rose Tea

Tulsi has long been used as a stress reliever. It is considered a master adaptogen which means that it helps your body adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on your emotional and physical surroundings. For example, Tulsi can bring peace to racing a mind in the middle of the night and bring energy to the body during a low point. It does this by modulating the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. Tulsi Rose is an organic and all natural way to relieve stress and rejuvenate your body’s ability to take care of itself. ¬†Enjoy a cup of tea daily.


Breath Deep Card

A custom quick and easy breathe practice that relieves anxiety by gently dropping bringing into the parasympathetic nervous system (think rest and digest). Keep this card in your wallet or purse in case of emergencies!


Healing Cuticle Cream

Mitigate stressful moments by taking care of your hands and nails. This all natural healing cuticle balm made from Coconut oil, Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Raw Honey, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils Tea Tree and Lavender can be applied anytime you need some extra love.


Calm Chocolate

Need a sweet treat that also helps you relax? All natural milk chocolate plus blend of amino acids, vitamins & botanicals to make a relaxing non-drowsy*causing treat. It’s easy and delicious and we recommend 4 pieces per dose.


Yoga For You

Get one month FREE to Yoga For You. Enjoy yoga, meditation and fitness classes from the comfort of your own home, or the fresh air of the park or beach!