Interview with Kristin of Bless This Journey

Ekka: So, let’s start with a ritual question! What is your morning routine like?

Kristin: I’m not a morning person, so I sleep as late as possible during the week.  On weekdays, the alarm goes off at 7:00 and I have 40 minutes to get showered and dressed, grab my coffee for the road, as well as, my packed breakfast and lunch that I put together the night before.  I have a 40 minute to an hour commute to work so I take that time to listen to encouraging and inspirational podcasts.  Once I get to work, I grab more coffee, eat my breakfast and crack open my inbox.  On the weekends, I tend to sleep in much later, have coffee and breakfast on the couch while watching a TV show with my husband and then I go to a yoga class at my local gym.


Ekka: Moving on to your story. Can you tell us about your journey to wellness? What were some challenges you overcame and what keeps you going?

Kristin: Sure thing!  My journey to wellness started at the age of 25, over 10 years ago.  I had gotten out of residential treatment a few years earlier after hitting rock bottom and I was honestly ready for a change.  I knew I didn’t want to keep just existing, so I made the commitment to start living.  I had to learn & accept that the journey to wellness is a process and for it to work, I had to be “all in.”  I couldn’t just put half my heart into the process.  It was and today, can still be exhausting, but both the good & hard days are worth the freedom I’ve found.  I think one of the hardest challenges for me was accepting that the journey to wellness, doesn’t have a roadmap, a right or wrong way.  I’ve had to learn what fits and works for me and realize that my journey isn’t going to look like anyone else’s journey.  Today, what keeps me going is being able to share my story and offer hope and encouragement to others that recovery is possible.


Ekka: You’ve created an amazing Etsy store! What inspired you to do it and what have some of the reactions to your store been? 

Kristin: Growing up, I always enjoyed anything arts and crafts related.  During treatment, I used art journaling, collaging and writing poetry as ways to express myself.  I also started dabbling in jewelry making and Pinterest crafts.  Etsy gave me an opportunity to combine my love of arts & crafts with my passion to encourage and inspire others. I’ve been able to connect with people I never would have had the opportunity to know, participate in local craft fairs and work on collaborations with other entrepreneurs, all because of Etsy!

Ekka: Advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Kristin: Just keep going, be gentle with yourself in the process and don’t let fear win.  I’ve found that I’m my own worst critic and that’s something I have to continue to work on.  Being an entrepreneur has given me the opportunity to allow myself to dream big, trust myself with the unknown and step out of my comfort zones.


Ekka: What importance (if any) has ritual and the formation of new habits played in your recovery?

Kristin: There are a few habits that have been a part of my recovery and still are today.  Meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep all gets done on Sundays.  This sets me up to not have to worry about what I’m going to eat during the week and ensure that I have all the food on hand that I need to make choices that properly fuel my body.  Also, on Sunday evenings I take a few minutes to write down 3 (or more) intentions for the coming week, 1 thing I’m grateful for and an encouraging quote/song lyric/bible verse etc.  I then take a screenshot of the list with my phone and have it to refer to during the week to keep me on track.  I’ve learned this practice helps me have a better attitude about the coming week and allows me to be mindful of what I’m grateful for.


Ekka: Dream self-care date with yourself! What do you do?!

Kristin: It would definitely include sleeping in, eating huevos rancheros for breakfast from my favorite restaurant.  Going to a yoga class.  Spending time art journaling while listening to music.  Having lunch at a local Greek restaurant.  Taking a nap in a hammock, outside with the sun shining.  Getting food delivered for dinner and watching a movie with my husband to close out the day.

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