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Our love of caring for our bodies stems from our need to recover from trauma, addiction, body image disorder, grief (to name a few!). Some people might call this “working out” or “fitness” but to us, it is SO MUCH MORE. Physical movement and mental discipline are where we heal ourselves and shape ourselves into our brightest strongest self yet.  It is during the precious time on the mat, at the gym, on the trail, quietly meditating at home (insert your favorite) that we commit to healing, strengthening, enduring, growing and loving ourselves and recommit to our recovery.

We wanted to share our favorite free resources with you! Free for a month is good. Free for ever is REALLY good! Here is a compilation of the amazing resources that we use daily to stay balanced, healthy, fit, relaxed and happy so YOU can start really owning your body, mind, and spirit’s health and well-being. Enjoy!

Body Strength + Stamina

Want to stay at home and strengthen your body? Don’t want to commit to a gym? We love these two resources for creating workout plans for yourself that grow as you grow! Both have a nurturing community that you can get support and inspiration from. You can still get that endorphin rush and the thrill of accomplishment without leaving your home.

Mini Resistance Band Workouts

Our September box came with a resistance band! Lucky you! Resistance bands are an easy and effective way to build strength, muscle tone and feel good in your body. Enjoy these videos and make sure you leave a comment on how it goes.

Booty and Abs

Upper Body

Full Body

Gentle Movement + Flexibility + Mindfulness

Taking a moment to really slow down and FEEL the body is an essential part of our daily routines. Be it in yoga, gently stretching, using a massage ball or just slow breathing the act of listening to the cues of body allows deep healing and restoration of the nervous system. Here are a few resources that you can use for your own self healing practice.

Beginners Yoga

Adriene has so many incredible classes and meditations all for free! Her approachable style makes it feel like she is right in your home with you. Be it low back pain, depression, stress or detox Adriene has a class for you.

Intermediate Yoga

Ali teaches a strong vinyasa flow with an emphasis on drills for building strength and opening the body. Her classes are fun, challenging and will definitely make you sweat.

Advanced Yoga

Kino is one of the most incredible yoginis in the world. Her classes are challenging and inspiring.

Massage Ball Tutorials

Sometimes we don’t realize how much pain and stress we are carrying in our body until we slow down enough to check in and feel it.  If untreated, over time that pain and tension will build in intensity leading to chronic issues and imbalance in the body, mind, and spirit! It is so essential to take five minutes EVERY DAY (!!) to really care yourself and release your tension. Pain and tension are your body’s way of communicating that you need to slow down and give yourself some loving care.

We LOVE our massage balls at Ekka and that’s why we included one in the September box. Enjoy this easy to follow tutorials and let us know how it goes. Massage balls work on the fascia in the body, for those of you who want to go deeper in understanding your body’s fascia check this link.


For all things natural wellness. Get self care inspired!

We love Wellness Mama for recipes, DIY facial and body care, home care, animal care, you name it and Wellness Mama has a self-care trick for you.

MBG is an incredible resource for learning and exploring. Get questions answered, learn new tricks, get recipes and get news on the latest trends in health and wellness.


Food and nutrition are key to a healthy body and happy mind. We love these simple blogs for quick and easy (but delicious!) recipes.

Body Love

Becuase you are lovable, you are beautiful, you are worth it! Get inspired and supported in your body love journey from our friends at the Body Love Project and check out the awesome Jessi Haggerty Body Love Podcast.

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