Feature: Olivia of Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

Liv: You’ve set up Ekka subscription boxes, for those in recovery. How did you conceive the idea?

We wanted to do something to affect positive change in the world,  that would really help people and we wanted to do something using things that have helped us a lot in our lives. Solifestyle, fitness, community, diet, spirituality.  The thing with these things is that you HAVE to do them consistently, so subscription model and boxes are just so fun! Like getting a present each month!

Liv: I guess a question most people in recovery will ask? Why should I subscribe? How will this benefit my life?

Great question! The benefits are numerous. Most people in recovery don’t realize how much better they can feel just by changing their diet and exercise patterns. So thats one big one because we will be making these exercise programs specifically for our members. Two, we do all the hard work on finding the best products that really improve your experience of life, from anxiety to sleep to skin and body we have something for everything and we make it really fun and engaging to shift your whole body and life into a lighter more VIBRANT version. Our goal is to have our members THRIVE in your recovery.

And, probably most importantly, not only do you receive a box of goodies each month and have physical movement available at your fingertips but you also get an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals to support the Mind/ Body/ Spirit!

Liv: What is the importance of good nutrition in recovery?

Typically individuals in drug and alcohol addiction recovery replace their cravings with sugar. Sugar triggers the same chemical response in the brain as alcohol does and studies have shown that sugar is more addicting than cocaine. Translating an alcohol addiction into a sugar addiction is still an addiction! So by introducing something different, like chlorella or potent green food, the craving for sugar/alcohol actually starts to shift and the body feels lighter and more energetic.

This is just ONE example of the many ways that diet is affecting our brain and body chemistry.  And brain chemistry is number one for mood disorders! People don’t realize how much power they have to feel better just based on what they eat…

Liv: You said in your video that your boxes deliver hope. How?

As a member of Ekka you receive more than just a monthly box but a community to call on for support and accountability.  A partner so that you know you are not in your recovery alone and so you have someone to inspire you with their successes and can also offer hope others . We are really passionate about mentorship, Nuria mentors young men and women in recovery, to be able to give that gift and go full circle is really what seals the deal.  Additionally,  we send thoughtful messages, that inspire hope, but also keep the conversations going about how to be happy through what may see like really low moments in one’s life.

Liv: How are you nourishing yourselves during a really stressful time, launching Ekka?

We are making sure we get gym time in and eat a balanced diet, take breaks and get support from our loved ones. It’s not always perfect but it’s in the imperfection that we find a balance.

Liv: What are your top rituals/tips for those in recovery?

Morning sets the tone of the day! Create a morning and bedtime ritual and you will feel immensely better.  An example of this could be to write for 20 minutes every morning while drinking a special drink you make with love and care.

This was orginally published on Liv’s Recovery Kitchen. You can read it here.

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